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Example – Connolisation (Leather colour restoration)

[frame align=”left”] [/frame] Intrim are specialists in Connolisation (or leather colour restoration)

Connolisation is the process of restoring colour back into leather seating that has been damaged through wear and tear.  The process in named after the Connolly Leather company (the legendary suppliers of leather interiors to Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Aston-Martin and Jaguar) who pioneered the technique.

This process involves a scrub-down process to remove damaged surface finishes then remoisturising to prepare the leather for new dye to be added before reconditioning.  The outcome is a rejuvenation of the leather and restoration of a balance of colour.

The process is more traditional and labour intensive but is guaranteed to result in a better restoration than can be achieved by chemical or so called ‘quick-fix’ sprays.

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