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Example – Lexus LFA restoration

The LFA is a high-end 2-door coupé supercar and the interior is hand-built using carbon fiber, leather, alcantara, and metallic surfaces.

After two years of demonstration at numerous trade events and motor shows this Lexus LFA Supercar (only 1 of 2 in the UK) was in great need of interior restoration as the leather had been subject to high levels of wear.

Intrim, the South East’s leading connolisation experts was contracted to do the restoration of the vehicle.


Examples of the wear can be seen in the ‘before’ shots which show extensive damage due to rubbing.

The interior of the car was restored using the advanced connolising techniques implemented by Intrim and the work was completed on time and to budget.The vehicle has now been restored to showroom condition and will no doubt be featuring in many more trade shows and events in the near future.

We say
We use the same connolisation techniques to restore all the cars that we work on.
You can therefore be assured that if you contact us for restoration work you will get the kind of results that are good enough for a Supercar!
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